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Electric bike sales & Service | Prague, CZ

We offer vintage and modern ebikes and trailers for sale. Suited for life in modern clean cities and suburbs. They go places where petrol cars won't fit, can be used fossil-free with a solar bike charger and are a lot of fun to ride with thrilling acceleration!

Want to convert a bicycle to electric? We sell electric bike kits and parts and provide services to convert your old bicycle into a powerful and fun electric bike.

Do you want to try one? We have bikes available for testing on both road and off-road forest trails. Click below to arrange a test ride.

cezeta ebike type 101
cezeta ebike type 101
cezeta ebike type 901
cezeta ebike type 506
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Cezeta Archive | Scooters from 1957

Čezeta has a long and interesting history. It was originally launched during the 1950s as a space-age looking 175cc scooter, designed by a postwar Czech legend called Dr J.F. Koch and completely captured the Brussels expo design of the time. Thousands of these vintage Čezetas are still preserved and many owners are now found on Facebook.

Čezeta motors s.r.o. keeps an online archive of its history for fans of Čezeta. Please click below to see more.

archive of cezeta
archive of cezeta
archive of cezeta
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