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New! Type 506 For Sale

Electric-powered Čezeta for the 21st century

The Type 506 builds on the original vision of J.F. Koch for 'a practical and simple to use everyday scooter' adding the latest electric motor technology under the classic Čezeta torpedo body. The scooter is both boringly reliable and super fun to use at the same time. Better still, we estimate it could easily run for 50 years and could be charged for free from renewable sources like solar panels. Sounds interesting? Follow the link below to read more about its features and how to order one of these beautiful and unique scooters.

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About Cezeta

Čezeta was launched during the 1950s as a radically-advanced touring scooter. Combining high-quality engineering with a radical space-age design, it was a huge success worldwide. During this time, two Čezetas were produced: Type 501 and Type 502. Over 115,000 were sold.

They featured in articles and films, and product developments were covered in press in large parts of the world.

Production stopped in the early 1960s, but now development is taking place of a new Type 506 that will have all the benefits of electric-power but keep the classic Čezeta aerodynamic shape and simple tough engineering. The project is non-profit. It's aim is to attract people to using new technologies and provide practical experience for engineering students in Prague.

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Scooters in Prague (1959)

Public information film about a 3000km exhibition trip around (then) Czechoslovakia.

scooters in prague video

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Vintage Sales

cezeta spare parts for sale


cezeta spare parts for sale

Restored Čezeta vintage scooters

Sale of types 501, 502 and 505. Delivery arranged by land in EU, or airfrieght internationally.

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Vintage parts stock

We supply complete Čezeta 175cc engines, lighting, handlebars, electrics, wheels and brakes and other specialist new parts and other Čezeta memorabilia. Parcel delivery arranged worldwide.

All sales from new old stock and recycled parts. Income from sales is used for sponsoring students in Prague to study and gain work experience in new vehicle technologies.

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Cezeta Online Archive

See old adverts and memorabilia from our archive of Čezeta's history. Latest addition is below.

1959 Svet Motoru magazine

[2014-11-25 15:41:48]

First prize in the 1959 'World of Motors' survey was a Cezeta scooter, costing 8000Kc at that time. That's just 296 euros in today's money.

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