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Type 101 powerful, lightweight go-anywhere e-bike;

Type 506 e-scooter, custom-made based on the vintage Čezeta Type 502 scooter; and

Type 901 one-off electric conversions of vintage bicycles.

We also sell useful accessories for your Čezeta bike; popular ones are trailers, solar power accessories and vintage bike components.

cezeta ebike type 101
cezeta ebike type 101
cezeta ebike type 506
cezeta PAV40 trailer
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About Cezeta Bikes | Practical & Usable, since 1956

Čezeta was launched during the 1950s as a totally rad-looking 175cc scooter. The first Čezetas produced were called Type 501 and Type 502 and over 100,000 were sold to every corner of the world. In 1963 a Type 503 prototype was built (but never launched), as well as an unusual Type 505 scooter-pickup.

After this first phase, there were no new Čezeta bikes for 50 years (!) until the launch of our Type 506 electric scooter. With this, the development of Čezeta bikes has begun once more. The Type 101 and its accessories are the result of subsequent research into sustainable lifestyles, and our aim is to continue to develop ideas for new systems of transport use, always sticking to the original philosophy for practicality and simplicity.

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