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New! Type 506

Development project for an electric-powered Čezeta

What would a Čezeta look like if it was being built now? To answer this, we have developed a new 'Type 506' which builds on the Čezeta's original idea for a practical and simple everyday scooter by adding the latest technology to the classic streamlined shape. We have developed a series of five prototypes, which during testing have proven to be practical and fun to use, as well as being massively cheaper to run and far more reliable than petrol-driven motorbikes. Follow the link below to read more about the Type 506, and how you can order one of these beautiful scooters.

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Čezeta was launched during the 1950s as a radically-advanced touring scooter. Combining high-quality engineering with a radical space-age design, it was a huge success worldwide. Over 115,000 were sold.

They featured in articles and films, and product developments were covered in press throughout the world.

The original manufacturer of the Čezeta scooter was the Česká Zbrojovka Strakonice (ČZ) company; with Jawa, they were once part of the world's largest manufacturer of motorcycles. From 1957 two čezeta types were produced: 501 and 502. The scooter was also used as the base for a 3-wheel pickup (the '505') and production spread as far as New Zealand, where it was made under the name N-Zeta. Then in 1964, a communist bureaucrat in the government decided to stop making it, despite its popularity - a terrible decision because the čezeta scooter had proved to be an exceptionally good design with many advantages over a 'vespa'-style scooter.

Fast-forward 50 years to 2013 and čezetas are now making a long-overdue return with a new limited-edition type 506 prototype... using the latest technology to return these practical and beautiful scooters to daily use.

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Scooters in Prague (1959)

Public information film about a 3000km exhibition trip around (then) Czechoslovakia.

scooters in prague video

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cezeta spare parts for sale cezeta spare parts for sale

Čezeta scooters

Sale of types 501, 502 and 506. Delivery arranged by land in EU, or airfrieght internationally.

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Workshop parts stock

We supply complete Čezeta 501 and 502 engines, lighting, handlebars, electrics, wheels and brakes and other specialist new parts and other Čezeta memorabilia. Parcel delivery arranged worldwide.

All sales from recycled parts sales are recycled themelves - into sponsoring students in Prague to study and gain work experience in new vehicle technologies.

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Cezeta Photo Archive

Archive of photos of the history of Čezeta scooters. The old adverts capture a look. Check out our Facebook pages for more.

cezeta 501 cezeta 502 cezeta 502 cezeta scooter advert cezeta scooter advert cezeta 503 cezeta in prague cezeta history cezeta production cezeta 501 restoration cezeta 502 restored druzeta sidecar
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