Čezeta Scooter

2016 Čezeta type 506

Introducing the first new Cezeta in 50 years,
A luxurious high performance electric scooter.
Because good things should continue.

100-200 km
Li-ion batteries
Options for 5-10kWh battery for 100-200km range. Charge almost anywhere.
90 km/h
Powerful electrifying
Adjustable performance - Trabant to Ferrari. Fast enough to be used on highways in EU.
50 yrs
High engineering
Handbuilt in the Czech Republic using quality materials designed for minimum maintenance and many years of fun.

It's about design

You have to love the eternal style and charm of the vintage Types 501 and 502. Čezeta's elegant new Type 506 retains this quintessential look whilst making one substantial difference - the hot petrol engine is replaced with much cooler 5000W electric motor.

Clean as a whistle

Čezeta has gone through essential changes which enable a silent and clean ride through the use of an ultra-efficient electric motor. No emissions, no petrol fumes, just clean and powerful energy.

Handmade quality

Čezeta makes its products with love and patience. We construct every bike by hand and the result is a high-quality custom scooter. Purity in design makes it child's play to maintain ensuring lifelong use.

Smart & connected

As a part of the Čezeta revival, we offer you smart technological solutions. Our app allows you to conveniently reprogram the speed and acceleration, check out the nearest charging stations or listen to your favourite music via built-in bluetooth speakers.

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