Type 506 electric scooter | Back after 50 years

High tech meets iconic chic!

Looking for something that's both practical and beautiful? Then perhaps the new Čezeta Type 506 is for you! Faithful to the original vintage Čezeta looks and style - like nothing else you'll see on two-wheels - our new scooter nevertheless bristles with innovative new technology to make it cheaper, simpler and more fun than smoky petrol scooters.

To complement your new electric scooter, we have developed a range of unique accessories for you to enhance it's looks and usefulness, like a snazzy matching PAV40 trailer for your shopping and a solar charging station for complete fossil-free use!

cezeta ebike type 506
cezeta PAV40 trailer

About Cezeta | History of innovation

Čezeta has a long and fascinating history. It was launched during the 1950s as a space-age looking 175cc scooter. Designed by Czech motorbike legend Dr J.F. Koch, the scooter perfectly captured the modernist 'Brussels' design of the time. They were a massive success with over 100,000 being sold all over the world. Thousands of these vintage Čezetas are still preserved and many owners are now found on Facebook.

Čezeta motors s.r.o. keeps an online archive of its history for fans of Čezeta and offers technical advice and spare parts for vintage scooters. Please click on the links below to see more about Čezeta.

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archive of cezeta
archive of cezeta
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