The delightfully peculiar
Čezeta Scooter

Made in the Czech Republic. LOVED by a tiny number of flamboyant individuals AROUND THE WORLD.

Small-minded production

MADE by hand

In our opinion, there are too many scooters that are "NORMAL", which is why Čezeta follows its own road by making absurdly small numbers BY HAND. It takes longer, but looks MORE WONDERFUL.

A Tradition Since 1957

Čezeta (pronounced Chuh-zeh-tuh) was conceived in 1950's Czechoslovakia as a WONDEROUS interpretation of the scooter phenomenon. Just for fun, we made it look like a ROCKET.

Launched in 1957, Čezeta picked up its styling from the fashionable SPACE AGE look of the time. It's designer was JAROSLAV FRANTIŠEK KOCH - a renowned motorcycle racer and engineer. He called his first Čezeta scooter the "TYPE 501" and it was hailed as a design classic. It captured all the excitement of the Soviet world's 'Sputnik and Gagarin'. Their build quality is LEGENDARY - over 2,000 still survive today in former-communist countries from Cuba to Vietnam.

Today Čezeta continues to operate on a small scale as a CUSTOM-BUILDER of SPORTS SCOOTERS for those who embrace the unusual. Our CEO NEIL EAMONN SMITH, has moved Čezeta with the times to focus on sustainable manufacturing and ELECTRIC VEHICLE technologies. We've developed several new patented technologies that are featured on the latest Čezeta model, the "Type 506" and sold with consulting services to other electric vehicle startups.

"Because GOOD THINGS Continue"

Watch our short video above, it captures Čezeta's philosophy to guarantee you receive the MOST DESIRABLE ELECTRIC SCOOTER in the world - at any cost! After all, you'll remember the quality long after you've FORGOTTEN the price.

"The COOLEST electric scooter on the planet."

- Scooterlab

"A timeless celebration of individuality."

- Designboom

"FORGET TESLA. We want this electric scooter instead."

- Outside magazine

"An icon of the atomic age...retrofuture transportation with thoroughly modern insides."

- BBC Auto