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Company For Sale

Čezeta has a history dating back to 1957 and most-recently manufactured a limited-series Type 506 electric scooter in the Czech Republic between 2018-2019. The startup (Cezeta Motors s.r.o.) is now closed and the project's assets are for sale.


Eastern Europe's Vespa

Vespa and Cezeta scooters both share a significant similarity in their historical background and cultural impact as iconic scooter brands.
1. Heritage and Iconic Status: Both Vespa and Cezeta have a long and storied history in the world of scooters. Vespa, produced by the Italian manufacturer Piaggio, was introduced in 1946 and quickly became an icon of Italian design and style. Cezeta, on the other hand, is a Czech scooter brand that started manufacturing scooters in the 1950s. Like Vespa, Cezeta scooters have gained a cult following and are considered classic symbols of retro transportation.
2. Distinctive Design: Both Vespa and Cezeta scooters are known for their distinctive and timeless designs. Vespa is famous for its sleek, aerodynamic curves and monocoque steel body, while Cezeta scooters feature a more curved and streamlined appearance. These design elements have contributed to the enduring popularity and recognition of both brands.
3. Cultural Impact: Vespa and Cezeta have become cultural icons in their respective regions. Vespa scooters are closely associated with the "La Dolce Vita" lifestyle and the Italian sense of fashion and flair. They have been featured prominently in movies, art, and literature, further solidifying their place in popular culture. Similarly, Cezeta scooters hold cultural significance in the former Soviet countries, representing a bygone era of transportation and nostalgia.
4.Economic and Social Mobility: Both Vespa and Cezeta scooters played significant roles in providing affordable and accessible mobility to people after World War II. These scooters became popular choices for commuters, offering a convenient and economical way to navigate urban environments. Their practicality and ease of use contributed to their widespread adoption.
5. International Recognition: Vespa and Cezeta have gained recognition and popularity not only in their home countries but also globally. Vespa, in particular, has become a well-known and respected brand worldwide, with a strong presence in various countries across different continents. Cezeta, although more regionally focused, has also earned a dedicated following among scooter enthusiasts in different parts of the world.


What assets are for sale?

Our assets, carefully cultivated and meticulously maintained, represent the culmination of countless hours of hard work, perseverance, and passion. They encompass a wide array of tangible and intangible treasures that have served as the backbone of our success.
Throughout this journey, our company has achieved numerous milestones, creating a legacy of trust and credibility within the industry. Now, we seek a discerning partner, whose vision aligns harmoniously with ours, to carry the torch forward and elevate the legacy of these prized assets:

1. EU trademark for the CEZETA logo
2. EU trademark for the CEZETA word
3. a collection of international domains for major European markets such as Italy and Spain, as well as international .com
4. a sales list potentially worth over 1 million euro
5. a unique collection of historical CEZETA memorabilia
6. the first electrical vehicle made in the Czech Republic, the Type 506 serial #1 (seen in the photo below)

If you have any questions, the project's former directors are happy to help advise with the sale.

Neil Eamonn Smith (office@rocketman.ventures) or Daniel Gaspar (daniel.gaspar@crowdberry.eu).


INNOVATION – TYPE 506 from the European Union and Czech Ministry of Industry.

The award for introducing product and manufacturing innovation.


The award for best scooter in 2019.